"Thank you so much for your work yesterday-my energy field seems so much clearer. It's almost like you took the trash out. I have so much gratitude for your practice and work!"


~A.K.-Community Educator

"My time with Doris was truly a peak experience.  I came to the session feeling grief and heaviness. However, Doris' generosity of spirit, humor, skill and giftedness was immediately evident. I felt trust and respect flow between us which helped me to open. She works with such strength, passion and sensitivity. I completed the session with a fresh, grounded perspective. I encourage others to experience this joyful, powerful gift!"

~A. V.-Environmental Land Planner

"From the moment I began working with Doris, I felt I was in good hands. Doris was so skillful and gentle in her work. I could tell she had a powerful relationship with the helping spirits. Our session was deeply relaxing--I felt quite altered afterward, which was helpful considering how much stress I've been under. Thank you Doris for bringing your healing gifts foward like this. What a blessing."



I came to Doris in the midst of the most painful and soul crushing period of my life. She welcomed my tears and gave me the most precious gift. During my session I was transformed. Pain, trauma and fear was released. I became open for love, peace, safety and healing to enter. Doris is powerful, loving and gifted. I am so grateful for the gifts she brings to the world."



Doris Vargas, M.A. 

Shamanic Counsel 

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