Spiritual Coaching &

Shamanic Bodywork Sessions

Are you compelled to pause, take a deep breath, and assess where you are and what decisions you need to make about your future?
Do you sometimes choose to lay low and hide?
You can choose that or you can choose to let your soul shine.
Living a life that you love inspires you to be your best self, your most authentic you. You get to do that thing that lights you up, that inspires you to get out of bed, that fills your body with vitality.​
Some folks, shy away from this. "It's scary," they say. Yeah, it is scary AND it's totally possible.
And you don't have to do it alone. 
I'm here to help you uncover and clear away what is stopping you from living your full expression of yourself so you can dig in deep and go after what you want with conviction and confidence.
I do this work with love, clarity, and spiritual guidance. My training in psychotherapy and shamanic work inform my coaching.  I help you uncover your brilliance with a depth of compassion and commitment.
Are you ready to be seen and heard? Are you willing to step into your light and let your soul shine?


If the answer is YES, then I invite you to                .

You have this one precious life, what are you going to do with it?
My very best wishes,
Doris Vargas
Spiritual Coaching &
Shamanic Bodywork Sessions

Doris Vargas, M.A. 

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