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Spiritual Coaching &

Shamanic Bodywork Sessions

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My Story

About Me

I've always been a seeker.  Spirituality, healing, and helping others intrigued me. I sought these ways out, because I needed them myself. 

With the amazing guidance from a healer in my twenties, I was taught to clear away the sludge I was carrying, release the energy that wasn't mine, and awaken the powerful woman that I was.

She lit the fire for my deep desire to serve others similarly.

Perhaps you've experienced epic moments of pain, challenging relationships, difficulty in business, issues of self-worth.  I'm here to guide you on your journey so you can manifest your dreams and act from your highest self.


I do this sacred work with love, clarity, and spiritual guidance. My training in psychotherapy, my background in shamanism, and my intuition inform my coaching practice.  I help you uncover your brilliance with a depth of compassion and commitment.

​If you are ready to live the life you love to it's fullest expression then you have found this website for a reason.

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​With warmest wishes,


Doris Vargas, M.A.

Spiritual Coaching &

Shamanic Bodywork Sessions

"The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams."