I'm here to guide you on your journey to manifest your dreams.

You are going to quickly discover, a shamanic session with me will

transform your life.


        You will:

           ~Embody your most authentic you

           ~Reclaim your power 

           ~Call in your vision for health, business, relationships, and pleasure

           ~Cut through mental/emotional/spiritual blocks so that you can move forward freely

           ~Feel whole, healed, and integrated again



What Does A Shamanic Session Look Like? 





Though each session takes its own unique shape, the basis of a session looks like this:

We hop on a scheduled call to discuss your intentions, questions, concerns. I use drums and rattles to enter an altered state to communicate with my helping spirits. I ask them questions and they show me pictures.


Together we open your channels to clear away what is not serving you emotionally and spiritually to make room to call on what does serve you so you feel more whole and integrated. People usually feel super nourished and relaxed after a session.

Sessions are one hour in length, if possible leave some time after the session for rest and integration.

To schedule a session call or text 


What's getting in the way of your soul's desires? 

Perhaps you've experienced 



   -Epic Moments of Pain

           -Challenging Relationships

 -Difficulty in Business

Doris Vargas, M.A. 

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