Doris Vargas 

Spiritual Coaching &

Shamanic Bodywork Sessions

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 I'm here to guide you on your journey so that you can clear the energy that doesn't serve you and call back energy that is yours.


Are you ready to tap into your highest self

           ~Embrace your soul so that you can step into the most authentic you

           ~Stand in your power and choose how you want life to unfold

           ~Call in your vision for your health, business, spirit, & relationships

           ~Release any unwanted energy so that you can move forward freely

           ~Call back all your parts so that you can feel whole and integrated again

If you feel called to practice being your best self,

I invite you to contact me.


Are you tired of playing small?

Do you want to be seen and heard?

Perhaps you've experienced 


-Epic Moments of Pain

         -Challenging Relationships

 -Difficulty in Business

-Issues of Self-Worth 

-Grief and Loss

-Trauma and Addiction